About the Blog and Me

Hey readers! My name is Ashley, and I am a 19 year old music lover from Texas. Ever since I was a kid, music has been one of my biggest passions. I’ve grown up listening to so many different kinds of music and I wanted to share the music that has made me happy with everyone else.  This blog is not just another music blog; this blog explores new and old music, music in movies, album reviews, messages in music, playlists and so much more. I’ll be exploring different genres, bands, and artists and discussing how these songs are more than just three and a half minutes of entertainment. I will be expressing my own interpretations of messages in music, as well as discussing other’s interpretations. In my posts, I will try to remain as unbiased as possible and make my posts enjoyable for music lovers everywhere. After all, music is music and we all have the right to enjoy whatever we want; that being said, I hope to be as diverse as possible so that there’s something for everyone here. Thank you and enjoy!