Song Recommendation of the Week

As you have probably heard by now, the famous singer Prince passed away yesterday. Fans everywhere are mourning his loss and remembering him today through his music. 

In honor of Prince, I wanted to dedicated this week’s song recommendation to him. I can’t say that  I’ve listened to all of his music, but I did enjoy the music that I did hear which mostly consists of solely his biggest hits. While I would not call myself one of his die-hard fans, I would say that I am very appreciative of his talents and the way that he helped define and change the music industry. He was never afraid to be himself.

My favorite Prince song is also this week’s recommendation, “Kiss”. I’ve heard this song played at New Year’s Eve parties every year since I can remember. I always enjoyed this song more than when the disco music broke out. Not only does it showcase Prince’s amazing vocal range, but it also comes with a funky beat that makes you want to get up and dance.

Prince was an amazing artist who pushed the limits of music. He spoke out about everything and sang about anything he truly wanted to. He will be missed.


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