Covers and Samples Playlist

How do you feel about cover songs? Cover songs have always been a hit or miss situation for me. There’s so many ways that I try to decipher if I enjoy a cover or not, but ultimately what lasts is the first impression.

If at first the cover catches my attention, I’ll continue listening. If I enjoy it, I usually listen to it about ten more times before deciding on my final verdict. 

A few days ago I was watching a video that listed some of the top ten cover songs of all time and it gave me an idea. I was going to give my top 5 personal favorite covers, but that proved to be a more painful process than I thought. It’s too hard for me to choose JUST five.

Instead, I decided to share a new playlist with you guys. This playlist is full of some of my favorite cover songs ever recorded; it does not included live versions unless they’ve been officially released. The list also includes songs that are not quite covers, but do sample either lyrics or music from a previously released songs.

I’ve also added multiple covers of famous songs that I enjoy. After all, there’s so many different versions of ‘Feeling Good’ that have been released that I could create another playlist for them separately. To spare you guys of hearing repeats, I just chose about two covers that I really enjoy when it came to the more famous recordings.

If you have any questions or comments about the list please feel free to post in the comments section! I’d love to hear some of your favorite covers.


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