Song Recommendation of the Week

Story time! For a brief two month period, I lived in Malibu, California. I was going to school over there and I didn’t really know anyone except for my awesome roommate who is also from Texas. When we got there, we quickly realized something- we had pretty thick Texas accents. The first time I heard myself speak with a group of people that weren’t from Texas was eye-opening.

Along with everyone noticing our Texas accents, I got asked one question in particular quite a lot- “Do you listen to a lot of country music?” The answer to that would be, NO. I am not really a fan of country music, but there are a handful of country songs that I love. This week’s song recommendation is one of those few.

I first heard of the Turnpike Troubadours’ “Gin, Smoke, Lies” from my Dad a while back, like I do with a lot of my music. While my Dad does like a bit more country music than I do, I knew from the first few notes that I would also enjoy this song.

This country song isn’t like most that are on the air nowadays. It’s not about drinking or partying or some chick you want for the night; it’s deeper than that. It’s about betrayal and being strong and heartbreak. On top of that, the tune is different as well. It’s not some country accent accompanied by a pop-rock band; it’s an amazing country voice with an authentic country rhythm and a non-hillbilly-sounding banjo.

I realize not everyone likes country music, and I generally don’t either. This song is different, feel free to give it a try. You may actually end up liking it!


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