Spain Has Some Serious Talent

Remember my review of the AC/DC concert I did last month? If you do, you probably remember how big a fan I am of the band. As I was scrolling through Facebook earlier I came across a suggested article that read “Spain’s Got Talent contestant covers ‘Highway to Hell'”, safe to say my interest was piqued. This Spain’s Got Talent contestant is an incredible opera singer. She starts off singing a classic opera piece and we hear how elegantly she can perform. However, a sudden familiar guitar riff starts to play over her voice and that’s when the audition takes a surprising turn. While the only English you can understand is the lyrics to the song, I think it’s safe to say that the judges were also very impressed by her performance. You should’ve seen my face when I first saw this video a few minutes ago, it looked a lot like the judge’s faces. This is a great example of how people can always surprise you. Check out the video for yourself!


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