Song Recommendation of the Week

Earlier this week one of my friend’s sent me a link and she said, “If you were a cop this would be you.” I clicked on the link and it took me to the music video for “Sugar” by Robin Schulz. Sure enough, as the cop started singing along and dancing while he was driving, I realized that this was a pretty accurate representation of me while I drive (minus the endangerment of everyone’s lives). Now I know this song is not new and is very popular right now, but ever since she sent it to me, it’s been stuck in my head all over again and I am not complaining. If you remember Baby Bash’s “Sugar Sugar” from 2003, then you’ll most likely recognize the sampling of his chorus in this song. I think that Robin Schulz does a great job of creating a faster tempo to this mix that makes you want to get up and dance, making it an instant hit. Francesco Yates’ vocals also add a refreshing take on the song, and will have you singing along with him in no time. Check out the video here.


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