Song Recommendation of the Week

You know that scene in the movie Easy A where Olive is talking to her webcam and says she wishes her life was an 80’s movie but sadly John Hughes did not direct her life? I’ve felt the same way about my life since I saw my first John Hughes film. However, I think my favorite part about 80’s movies is the music; that decade produced a lot of my favorite songs, including this week’s song recommendation, “If You Were Here”. The original version of this song was done by the Thompson Twins in 1983 and is amazing, but I want to recommend the less synthesized, smoother Cary Brothers’ cover from 2007. The song is beautifully heartbreaking. What once was a mutual love has started to become one sided, as the guy who is singing says, “do not want a part of this anymore”. It describes a love that has ultimately fallen apart and can no longer be saved. The weirdest and best part of this song is that it makes the listener feel some sort of nostalgia, even if they haven’t quite experienced this feeling before; the song awakens a sort of bittersweet feeling in the listener, but it’s worth the heartbreak to listen to it. Check it out here.


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