Prepare to be Thunderstruck

Back in 2015, AC/DC announced they would be doing a 2016 World Tour, a tour that included a stop right here in Dallas. Being the huge fan of the Australian rock band that I am, I was going to do whatever it took and spend whatever amount of money I had to in order to finally see one of my favorite bands live. I got the tickets, invited one of my best friends who also enjoys the band, and Tuesday night we went down to the American Airlines Center for what I would definitely call one of the best nights of my life.

Despite all of my excitement, I had several friends ask me why I would want to see a bunch of old men rock out to 30-40 year old songs; AC/DC is often referred to as a classic rock band despite the fact that they’ve put out three albums in the 21st century alone. However, in defense of AC/DC, I encourage every fan of classic rock or hard rock to check out the band live because if you haven’t seen Angus Young do a ten minute guitar solo then you have not LIVED!!

You might be thinking to yourself, okay we get it, you like the same music that my Dad listens to, but I honestly believe that any person of any age who enjoys a good guitar riff, simple and vulgar lyrics, and a fair amount of headbanging, can enjoy an AC/DC concert. I promise you, if any one of those sounds like something you enjoy, then you can have the night of your life at their concerts.

In fact, Preston Jones from the StarTelegram talked about a little boy who was by him during the show, rocking out with everyone else and being mesmerized by the band. I don’t know if we saw the same little boy or not, but as I was waiting in line to buy my own pair of light up devil horns (a trademark of AC/DC concerts) I couldn’t help but be shocked and impressed by a young boy who walked by me dressed as the band’s guitarist, Angus Young in his famous schoolboy uniform!

As I was sitting down in my section, I had also noticed a young girl, maybe 13 or 14, walk in with her father, wearing an AC/DC shirt, and later on throughout the concert, I turned around and saw her rocking out with the best of them. In all honesty, I thought I was going to be the youngest fan at the concert, but I noticed several kids years younger than me who were also having the time of their lives.

I believe one of the biggest appeals about a concert of a band that’s been around since the 70s, is that you are guaranteed to hear the big, hit songs that even non-fans might recognize (after all, AC/DC is the entire Iron Man 2 movie soundtrack). I knew going into the concert that I was guaranteed to hear a few of my favorite songs by the band, “You Shook Me ALL Night Long”, “T.N.T”, and “Shot Down in Flames” because of the fact that they are all very popular, massive hits for them.

As a previous Michigan concert-goer puts it, the setlist for the show was “predictable yet irresistible,” and I think that it’s that predictability that appeals fans of so many different ages. Whether you are young or old, or whether you know every word to every song or just know that “Back in Black” and “Highway to Hell” make for some awesome road trip jams, you can certainly find entertainment and electricity of rock’n’roll at an AC/DC concert.

As a safety note, I recommend that if you are bringing younger children to an AC/DC concert, that you make them wear earplugs because it is VERY loud and I did suffer some temporary hearing loss.


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