Song Recommendation of the Week

I wanted to start off my blog with one of my favorite songs that has a lot of meaning to me, being that it was the very first song I ever sang along to when I was just two years old. Lenny Kravitz is a famous rock musician (and actor in The Hunger Games triology) that has been around for several years. In 1998, he released what is one of his biggest hits, ‘Fly Away’. The song ranked number 12 on US charts, number one in the UK, and won Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. I like to think that it is more than just a catchy riff and simple lyrics; I argue that this it speaks for people everywhere who want to run away to a place where nobody knows them, and experience the world. Of course, we can’t really do that because we have school and jobs, but you can at least feel like it’s possible for 3 minutes and 42 seconds; I recommend listening to it when you need an escape from reality. Listen to the song and watch the video here: (DO NOT watch around people below the age of 17)


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