Let’s Talk About the Grammy’s

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Grammy’s were this past weekend. You probably have also heard about the big debate over Album of the Year. The award, along with three others, went to Taylor Swift’s 1989, beating out Kendrick Lamar’s, To Pimp A Butterfly.

However, the real problem that seems to be angering everyone is the fact that the Grammy’s does not want to award an album that speaks up for a minority group and the problems they have to face in society. The Verge discusses that problem saying, “The Grammys don’t hate rap — they just don’t feel like it’s worthy of their highest honor.

While yes, the prestigious award show has a hip-hop category, it’s merely just there to say that they recognize there is other music being produced. You won’t often find them acknowledging the hip-hop genre outside of its specified category. The Grammys are just another proponent of prejudice in the music industry.

Artist of the genre can make as many soulful, issue-addressing, successful albums as they want, but the prestige of the industry will continue to overlook them. The industry doesn’t want to see change, and until they do, it’s safe to say that award shows are not exactly the most truthful representation of the best music of the year.


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